Gathering Knowledge

Since 2009, Carol has been making content on the internet. Websites are in various places and out of date. This is a place to curate and gather those bits and pieces so YOU, or people you know and love can find them.

Gathering People

Over the years so many people have touched Carol's life. Some know her from homeschooling and Principle Based Learning, others from Holding Space Practice, Yoga, Hosting International Students or Church. If you all got together in one room, you would be a force to be reckoned with. You are amazing. This is like a virtual room for ALL to find power and strength and genuine friendship!

Gathering Love

Everything Carol does, every project, class or whatever she spends time on, is with an eye to a higher purpose and desire for us as people on this planet to expand love. Her gift and goal is to make that process practical and possible. We are all connected to God and each other like a big human family. What we do affects all. This is a place to gather ideas and experiences that teach us what love even is and the potential we all have as we gather in love!

Principle Based Learning began as a homeschool co-op that Carol was thrust into creating. It was the motivation to learn to build her first website. Its purpose was to bring encouragement and inspiration to parents as they learned new ways of interacting with and educating their children. With nearly 3 decades of homeschooling her children and loving SO MANY other children, this website is a resource for anyone interested in creating an ideal learning atmosphere.

We teach people how to grow emotional resilience and experience deeper joy, balance and capacity.

Who doesn't want that?

Check out this amazing website with tons of free resources. Start your journey today!

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For members of the 2024 Growth Group

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For members of the 2024 Growth Group

Retreats are designed to help participants upgrade and transform toward their best self.

It is a time to re-charge. It is a time to remember what life is really about. It is a time to heal. It is a time to learn.

The next retreat is...

Carol began her yoga journey when she was 49. After 2 years, she found Ashtanga yoga and began to study this traditional style yoga. She did teacher training in her mid 50's to deepen her knowledge and help others learn.

Ten years later, as a dedicated yogini, she uses Ayurveda and yogic knowledge to live a life of health and vitality. "Yoga changes us at a deep and beautiful level. Sharing this knowledge is a privilege and a joy!"

One of Carol's hats is to coordinate short-term international stays. Our family has hosted students from all over the world. It has been life-changing and wonderful! Sound interesting?


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Coming in 2024

Sometimes a girl has more dreams than she has time. This podcast has been on the to-do list for a while. The beginning of it is on YouTube with Carol B Webster RAW & Unedited videos.


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