Ashtanga Vinyasa YOGA

What is YOGA?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word. It is the same as the English word "yoke". The idea is for all of the components of a person-- body, mind, emotions, energy, spirit--to work together in a balanced, harmonious way. It is a life-long study and practice. Each person is a unique combination; Yoga teaches to treat oneself with compassion and respect AND to treat others with compassion and respect. This fits with, Holding Space Practice's mission (our sister site) to honor individual and hold space for self and others without judgment.

What is Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga?

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga are 3 Sanskrit words: These are Sanskrit words. English translations are:

Ash = Eight tanga= Limb

Vinyasa = Breath + Movement

Yoga = Yoke, United, Working together

The purpose of asana (poses) is to help everything in your life and body to connect and work together smoothly, but asana is only one of 8 limbs of yoga. Study with us to learn about the other 7 areas.

Yoga is even more about the mind and character than about the physical body. Receive the knowledge that used to be reserved for the kings of India.

Learn what the Yoga Sutras are and how you can benefit from studying them.

There is no way around it, if your body is blocked, hurting, sick, hard to move, it is going to affect your life.

The series of POSES taught in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

--are meant to free us from whatever stops us from feeling good physically.

--They are meant to help us have access to more of our energy.

--They are meant to allow us to think more clearly.

--They are meant to help us smooth out our emotions

If you are new to Yoga or it's been a while and you don't remember Sunsalutes,

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Retreats are designed to help participants upgrade and transform toward their best self.

It is a time to recharge. It is a time to remember what life is really about. It is a time to heal. It is a time to learn.

Yoga is always part of retreats.

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