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  • The Ashtanga Series

  • Where to Begin

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The Ashtanga Series

The purpose of asana (poses) is to help everything in your life and body to connect and work together smoothly.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a type of yoga where there is a memorized set of poses. Each pose prepares the body for the next one.

Students begin by learning a series of poses called Sunsalutes. You can learn those right away for free by using a YouTube playlist that Carol has.

After the Sunsalutes, there is a series of standing poses, then a series of seated poses, then a closing series.

Students learn (memorize) the practice over time. But the goal is not to collect poses. The goal is to unblock what is stuck in your body and your life each time you practice.

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Where to Begin

Carol provides a simple-to-understand 2-part plan. You can immediately begin. Most are able to move through Part 1--learning the first poses,-- pretty quickly.

Part 2 invites you to learn about your amazing mind and that you have the power to make new choices and change your life.

Based on ancient yogic technology about the human nervous system, study with us and create the life you wish to have.

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How to Advance

Once you learn the Sunsalutes in part 1, it is time to learn more poses bit by bit.

The best way to learn is in-person with a teacher who has studied and applied the practice in her own life.

Carol understands the challenges of scheduling time to go to a studio. And she understands the challenge of starting something unfamiliar.

That is why she is offering a series of livestream classes as well as giving you access to video recordings of instruction.

There is no replacement for direct mentoring, but getting familiar on your own at first is encouraged. When you are ready, Carol will be able to help customize a healing and growth path that fits who you are and what you need.

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  • If you want to be on pace with Carol to study the books Yoga Sutras and How Yoga Works start, Day 1 on September 25, 2023

  • If you want to join the YouTube Livestreams, mark your calendar for Tuesdays September 26-December 12, 2023 (see the Yoga Poses page for details)


Yoga is a priceless gift.

Carol's policy is that yoga should be available to anyone willing to do the learning regardless of financial status. Please honestly consider your budget and choose a donation level that works for you.